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Attention I F07 (studt)

Attention I F07 (studt) - ATTENTION I Focus"the...

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ATTENTION I Focus: --“the concentration of mental effort on sensory or mental events” (Solso, 1988) --may be conscious or unconscious --what do people with ADHD have a deficit of ? Focus and selective attention --attention span Selective Attention: --separating a signal from background “noise” (Anderson, 1990) --inhibition of irrelevant stimuli Enhancement: --processes which enhance encoding of, and memory for, information (conscious or unconscious) --observant consideration (e.g., Your proposal has come to our attention. ) Visual Attention: --visually foveating or focusing on a stimulus Consciousness: Detection of a stimulus at a conscious level Are there some processes or information that are learned automatically? I. Automatic Processing --outgrowth of Capacity Models of attention (e.g., Kahnemann) Knowledge that we’re only aware of so much at one time Some tasks don’t take up any of our capacity in memory A. Effects of Practice 1. Assumption is that our attentional resources have a limited capacity.
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