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extra credit project - evening Somewhat bothersome to me...

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Amber Elkins 04/24/2007 Extra Credit: Balboa Park For the extra credit assignment, I went to Balboa Park. I hadn’t really been to Balboa Park before to just walk around so it was interesting in just that regard. People covered the streets, many with their dogs. I immediately regretted not bringing my own dogs because of how beautiful the location is. Numerous stands were set up throughout the park, asking mostly for donations for their organization, but many also were selling merchandise. The prices for everything were a little out of my price range, but I managed to buy some kettle corn. I never did see the advertised vegetarian fair, which was the main thing I was looking forward to seeing as I am a vegetarian. My husband stuck out quite a bit because of being a marine, and the people at the stands flocked to him. He was not sure if he was allowed to sign certain banners, so I ended up signing most of them for him. I collected quite a few free stickers and pins through the
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Unformatted text preview: evening. Somewhat bothersome to me were the protestors though because they were supposed to stay within restricted zones, but many had branched out within feet of the entrance to shout out their extremist views about abortion and other primarily religious topics. I saw they had an off-leash dog park that I would like to take my dogs to in the future, but will have to wait until my new puppy, a maltese, is old enough. Most of the music at the fair I really did not like and there were mini-concerts being held without. It was entertaining seeing people so entertained by poorly played music though. I even saw a mosh-pit starting to form at an Indian music concert. All in all, it was a very fun experience for a girl from the mid-west that is not used to sharing views with the majority of people around her....
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