Deviance and social control

Deviance and social control - Deviance and social control...

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Deviance and social control i. Deviance 1. Breaking the role that is attached to your status position 2. Deals with people who have been improperly socialized. 3. All act out minor deviances, called independence a. Definition: socially disapproved behavior; the violation of some agreed-upon norm that prevails in a community or society 1. Norms vary from place to place: you don’t flush the toilet in a country where they’re concerned about water issues. Refrigeration, going to church. 2. These things vary across time and place and they change over time as well. 3. What we consider deviant is how we define ourselves in a society 4. Helps socialize kids b. Two perspectives on deviance: absolutist vs. relativist. 1. Absolutist (black or white) a. Behavior is fundamentally proper or inherently wrong b. It is easy to identify who is deviant c. Deviance must be strictly controlled d. Intuitively appealing but dangerously oversimplifying 2. Relativist a. Deviance is not inherent in any particular act, belief or condition b. Deviance is in the eye of the beholder c. Deviance can change by time and place 3. Laws can be relative: self defense, war, going onto someone’s ranch/property at night is legal murder. 4. Social situations also lead to this ambiguity. 5. Drinking alcohol when 12 years old vs. 27 years old. 6. In the more gray areas, the quantity, the frequency and the purpose often matter
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a. One ounce of marijuana vs. one pound of marijuana b. Speeding just because, or speeding to take someone to a hospital c. Stealing in New Orleans. Some people felt it was right because the government was letting them down. d.
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Deviance and social control - Deviance and social control...

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