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Sociological Methods Everything is probabilistic. Two key components – Empirical Research: Questions about human behavior can be ascertained only through controlled, systematic observations in the real world. Theory: A set of statements or propositions that seeks to explain or predict a particular aspect of social life. Conflict, structural functionalism and symbolic ….? Two steps when starting the Sociological process. Systematic approach to testing theories. identify problem, ask a question, choose a method. Independent variable is the variable that produces an effect upon another; the cause of something. (9/11 causes more marriages, war, return to religion?, foreign policy, increase in patriotism, hostility) Dependent variable is the variable that is affected by the independent variable. I. Survey: a series of questions posed to respondents, verbal or written. II. Experiment: a situation, in lab or not. Designed to elicit some behavior. III. Ethnography: observation in real life situations, as participant or bystander. (tea room
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