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Sociology 302 Spring, 2008 Professor Langenkamp A SSIGNMENT #2 B REAKING N ORMS The purpose of this assignment is to shed light on some of the unwritten, but strict, rules of social interaction in the United States. Think about some subtle social norm (not a law) and then break it in public. For example, have a candlelight dinner at McDonald’s, offer to pay more than the listed price for an item at a store, or stand too close to someone in an uncrowded elevator. Take along an observer, one who is unaware of what you will be doing, and then interview him or her afterwards about his or her reaction. 1. Briefly describe the entire experience. Include details about the reactions of bystanders, the emotions you felt during the experience, and the initial interpretation that your observer had of the situation before you explained what you were doing. 2. Choose ONE of the following topics that we have discussed this semester and explain
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Unformatted text preview: how this experiment defines this topic? a. Deviance and Social Control b. Social Structure c. The Social Construction of Reality d. Social Stratification e. The Sociological Imagination Due IN CLASS on Wednesday, April 9th, 2008 Format-Two pages or less (don’t test us on this!).-Typed-Double-spaced with reasonable margins-12 point type Style and Substance-Support your argument by drawing on class lectures and readings.-You do not need a bibliography, but acknowledge other sources directly in the text (e.g., “As Professor Langenkamp described in class…”, “In the textbook…”, “According to Durkheim…”).-Do not write a formal introduction or conclusion, but do preface the paper with some general statement that sets up where you are going (and close the paper in the same spirit).-Use your spell check. Check out the UT Learning Center for advice (http://www.utexas.edu/student/utlc/)....
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