exam_2_study_guide_revised - *Second Shift *Age structure...

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*Culture of Poverty *Structural and Cultural Arguments of why poverty exists *Poverty Patterns *Social Class *Socioeconomic Status *Intragenerational Mobility *Intergenerational Mobility *Social Climbing *The Wisconsin Model of Status Attainment *Three Views of Stratification *Examples of Formal Stratification *Examples of Informal Stratification *Social Construction of Gender *Language of gender *Gender Inequality—Basic Facts *Glass Ceiling *Feminine Mystique *Wage Gap
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Unformatted text preview: *Second Shift *Age structure (definition) *Age Patterns (notes) *Age strata *Birth Cohorts *Period Effects *Cohort Effects *Federal Poverty Line positives/negatives of the FPL *Racial and Ethnic Groups in the United States (have a basic knowledge of statistics, use notes) *Social Construction of Race *Racial Segregation *Gini Index *Institutionalized Racism *Be able to link assigned articles to important concepts discussed in class...
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exam_2_study_guide_revised - *Second Shift *Age structure...

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