Media Vs. Society

Media Vs. Society - Eubanks 1 Bailey Eubanks English 1302...

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Eubanks 1 Bailey Eubanks English 1302 Mr. Reiter November 15, 2007 Music and Its Impact on Society Within society today, there is the cliché theme of “sex sells.” This is used widely throughout the American culture along with violence and profanity. It is used in Video Games, Movies, Music and even Public Television. This has been a growing problem throughout America, contributing to fatalities, early sexual habits, lower economic status and overall demeaning academic results. Out of all these different categories, one that has caught the attention of many is that of the music industry. It is one that has grown from records, to tapes to CD’s and now digital media flowing from the Internet. Music is of vital importance to how it will influence Americans later in the future. This is a situation were people need to take a step back and analyze the problem. Violence, sexual connotations, profanity and drug use throughout the media and especially music need to be toned down or revised to the maturity level of the listener. There are many ways to show how music over the ages has increased in violence, sexual content and profanity. For example in the 1970’s we have such songs as The Jackson 5’s “ABC”, and currently we have a recent number one billboard song of “Crank that or Superman dat Hoe.” The exact meaning of “superman dat hoe” is even to graphic to explain, but as the reader can see times have shifted and a definite problem is occurring in the media today. Other than
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Media Vs. Society - Eubanks 1 Bailey Eubanks English 1302...

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