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Organization Essay - Eubanks 1 Bailey Eubanks English 1302...

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Eubanks 1 Bailey Eubanks English 1302 Mr. Reiter 9/25/2007 Freshman Class Council “Last year Freshman Class Council also known as F.C.C. put on this exciting event called the Iron Bear. It was full of all these crazy events and funny costumes. Every community within F.C.C. was supposed to dress up and my group put panty hose over their face to dress up as bandits, they had water guns and kept squirting me all night. Then they made up a fun cheer that was a pun to sick ‘em bears, but it was stick ‘em up (Griffin).” Freshman Class Council is one way for many, here at Baylor, to get involved and have a great time during their freshman year. It is where freshman are called to reach out to others here at Baylor University and to get them involved with the community by fun activities and events. “F.C.C. is an organization that is available to all freshman students (Tarbell).” It requires an application and an interview. It is composed of around 200 students of which are split into five groups: Faith, Social, Service, Extreme, and Spirit and Tradition. These five groups have a total of forty students in each, and in each of the groups there are also two upper classmen that help out and plan. The directors of Freshman Class Council are Matt Bono and Keane Tarbell. They are in charge of leading the groups and approving
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Organization Essay - Eubanks 1 Bailey Eubanks English 1302...

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