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Problem Solving Essay - Eubanks 1 Bailey Eubanks English...

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Eubanks 1 Bailey Eubanks English 1302 Mr. Reiter October 30, 2007 Tuition on the Rise Baylor University is one that provides a quality education to students all over the nation. But, being a private university requires an excess of funds from students to go towards tuition costs. Baylor’s tuition for the year 2006-2007 stands at $22,220. This alone can be a struggle for many families in need, and that is not to mention the increase in residence hall price, and the general student fee. Overall the University is looking forward to a vision called “Baylor 2012.” This is to improve student: teacher ratio, campus maintenance, along with building proposals that will go into effect this summer. All this may sound great but really this could hurt many students who are already suffering from ravaging tuition costs. Baylor has decided to raise tuition for the 2007-2008 year in order to improve many things on the campus and within the schools education structure, as it states in the lariat, “Baylor Board of Regents voted to raise undergraduate tuition by 6.5 percent next year during a conference call Monday, September 10, that would increase undergraduate tuition…This was announced in an e-mail President John Lilley sent to faculty and staff at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, September 11 (Maalouf).” This seems like nothing to some families who do not even look at the statements when paying monthly dues to Baylor, but for other students and
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Eubanks 2 families, after four years at a prestigious university, they will be utterly broke. Especially when they find that there will be huge mounds of debt from loans
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Problem Solving Essay - Eubanks 1 Bailey Eubanks English...

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