Unit 4 Biblographic Sources

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Bibliographic Sources Jones, Gareth. Clones: the Clowns of Technology? 1st ed. Vol. 1. Wanesoro: Paternoster P, 2001. 1-192. Lane, Lester P., and James C. Hefley. Cloning: Miracle or Menace . 1st ed. Vol. 1. Wheaton, Illinois: Tyndale House, 1980. 9-156. Lester, Lane P., and James C. Hefley. Human Cloning . 1st ed. Vol. 1. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Fleming H. Revell, 1998. 7-169. Haseltine, Dr.william A. Understanding Cloning
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Unformatted text preview: . 1st ed. Vol. 1. New York, NY: Warner Books, 2002. 1-135. Pence, Gregory E. Cloning After Dolly . 1st ed. Vol. 1. Lanham Boulder New York Toronto Oxford: Rowman and Littlefield, 2004. 1-205 Stonebarger, Bill. The Gene . 1st ed. Vol. 1. Madison, Wisconsin: Hawkhill Associates, 1998. 1-29. Stonebarger, Bill. Cloning: How and Why? 1st ed. Vol. 1. Madison, Wisconsin: Hawkhill Associates, 1998. 1-12....
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