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Study GuideTest 4 Fall 07 - Test 4 Fall `07 Study Guide...

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Test 4 Fall ‘07 Study Guide Know and be able to apply the following terms and concepts: pile-up( 324- the residuals of family tension that linger from unresolved prior stressors or that are inherent in ongoing family roles such as being a parent or spouse) , intimate terrorism (333-334: the victims suffer frequent, long-term episodes of violence) , reframing (341: redefining the meaning of something, is a way of changing your perspective on a situation) , no-fault divorce (348: In the 70s, California and New York began the trend toward this, no proof for divorce is needed) , Bohannan’s stages of divorce (emotional, legal, economic, co-parental, community, psychic) , joint custody (in arrangement in which both parents continue to share the responsibility for the care and raising of the children) /sole custody (in which one of the parents is given the responsibility for the care and raising of the child) , premarital agreement (a formal, legal document) , stepfamilies (367-387) , family boundaries (it is a concept from family systems theory that refers to rules about who is a member of the family and how much each member participants in family life) . Know and be able to apply the following theories: ABCX and Double ABCX ( The ABC- X model was done by Ruben Hill, A is the stressor, B is how you read what’s going on and how do you use what you have, C is how you perceive the stressor and the resources. How you handle A, B, and C determines how you deal with X, the crisis. (insert chart)
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The roles grandparents play in their grandchildren’s life (historian- provides a cultural and family sense of history, mentor- gives wisdom and guidance in the art of living, role model- provides an appropriate model for future roles of the grandchild, wizard- tells fascinating stories and exercises the grandchild’s imagination, and nurturer/great parent- is a basic role that gives the child a greater support system than she otherwise would have) . Results of a study of 171 Canadian students that examined their relationships with their grandparents (The students indicted that the grandparents with whom they were close were influential in their lives, that they ha frequent contact with those grandparents and shared a number of activities with them and that all of these experiences were important to them. Boon and Brusoni, 96) Text’s discussion of retirement (It is a critical time in a relationship. At first the initial stage the marital quality goes down because of the adjustments that need to be made. They have to adjust to a different schedule and if only one of the spouses is retired then they experience more conflict trying to adapt. In adjusting to the
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Study GuideTest 4 Fall 07 - Test 4 Fall `07 Study Guide...

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