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Terms for chp. 1-3 - Chapter I Terms Statistics- It has...

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Chapter I Terms Statistics- It has four meanings, data; functions of data such as mean and range; techniques for collections, analysis, and interpretation of data for decision making; and the science of creating and applying the techniques. Population- collection of all people, objects, or events having one or more specified characteristics. Element- a single person, object, or event of the population. Concrete population- the number of elements is finite and the population is well defined; example: the population of telephone book listees. Conceptual Population- the population exists as an idea rather than as a material object; example: flipping a coin. Observation- (datum) the number or label used to represent an element of the population Sample- a proper subset of a population Descriptive Statistics- tools for depicting or summarizing data so it can be comprehended easier. Induction- an observation of a sample of elements and generalize from the sample to all the elements. Inferential Statistics- tools for inferring the properties of one or more populations from an inspection of samples drawn from the population. Random Sampling- a method of drawing samples from a population such that every possible sample of a particular size has an equal chance of being selected. Nonrandom Samples- a sampling method based on haphazard or puposeless choices. Chance Variability- (sampling fluctuation) the elements obtained differ from sample to sample. Variable- a characteristic that can take on different values.
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Terms for chp. 1-3 - Chapter I Terms Statistics- It has...

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