NAFTA Superhighway-First Step to a Better Economy

NAFTA - Haley Rieger RHE 306 Julia Delacroix NAFTA Superhighway First Step to a Better Economy With the 2008 Presidential election rapidly

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Haley Rieger RHE 306- Julia Delacroix November 29, 2007 NAFTA Superhighway- First Step to a Better Economy With the 2008 Presidential election rapidly approaching, the issue of a proposed or mythical NAFTA Superhighway has been on every politician’s agenda. Unofficial plans have been circulating around the web among various political groups. The fabled highway, which would run from Laredo, Mexico to central Canada, has been described as a “vast 10-lane colossus the width of several football fields, with freight and rail lines, fiber-optic cable lines, and oil and natural gas pipelines running alongside” (Corcoran FP17). No one is really sure whether or not the superhighway or plans for such an undertaking are even in existence. This argument of validity is an ongoing debate in itself, but whether or not one believes the plans are real or fictitious, opinions have been formed about the effects it will have on the United States. I believe that if the superhighway is built correctly, it can become a vital and beneficial part of the U.S. On one side of the debate are the Superhighway’s opponents, the main adversary being Ron Paul, a Texas congressman and 2008 republican presidential candidate. Paul’s presidential platform consists of a “limited constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, and a return to sound monetary policies” (Paul. “Issues” 1). Since Paul obviously leans more the right, powered by traditional, conservative ideals, it is no surprise that he is against anything that promotes development and change. Paul believes that the superhighway is only the first step in a plan to create a “North American Union,” complete with its own currency, bureaucracy, and “virtually borderless travel within the Union,” which he is completely opposed to. (Paul 1). Paul believes
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that plans and negotiations for a superhighway are being conducted by the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP). The SPP “was launched in March of 2005 as a trilateral effort to increase security and enhance prosperity among the United States, Canada and Mexico through greater cooperation and information sharing” (SPP 1). The SPP openly denies that they have made any plans for a NAFTA Superhighway and does not intend to ever do so, claiming that it is merely “a dialogue to increase security and prosperity among the three countries” (SPP 1). On Paul’s attacks that the SPP is a movement to create a North American Union, the SPP replies by stating that it “does not attempt to modify our sovereignty or currency or change the American system of government designed by our Founding Fathers” (SPP 1). Furthermore, all of the SPP’s plans and actions are documented on their website, completely open to the public for anyone to
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NAFTA - Haley Rieger RHE 306 Julia Delacroix NAFTA Superhighway First Step to a Better Economy With the 2008 Presidential election rapidly

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