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Haley Rieger September 27, 2007 RHE 306 Research Summary 3 Topic: The Trans-Texas Corridor is only the first phase of a conspiratorial Superhighway that will gradually lead to the elimination of the United States of America. Shikha Dalmia and Leonard Gilroy. “The Conspiratorial Highway.” Los Angeles Times . September 20, 2007: A23. In “The Conspiratorial Highway,” Shikha Dalmia and Leonard Gilroy explain why they, among others, believe that the new Trans-Texas Corridor is the first step in a road project that they consider “the spearhead of a conspiracy to dissolve the United States of America.”(A23) This new highway is a “proposed two-phase project meant to ensure that the Lone Star State has the transportation necessary to handle the growing international commerce coming across the border.”(A23) Since the North American Free Trade Agreement was enacted in 1994, trade between U.S. and Mexico has double and the trade is expected to increase even more when Asia starts to trade more through the recently expanded Panama Canal. (A23)
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