NorthSouthRelations - Steps to economic development 1 Open...

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INR 12-3-07 North-South Relations Two Waves of Imperialism First Wave (16 th C. to early 19 th C.) Ends with “wars of liberation” Second Wave (mid 1800s to 1914) Traditional European powers now joined by US and Japan 1900: UK controls 1/5 of the earth’s land area and ¼ of its population “The sun never sets on the British empire” Growth of the International System 1945: 60 states 1989: 160 states 2000: 194 states The process of decolonization caused the change in the number of states Key question in the 1950s How can these states speed up economic and political development? How can they catch up to the industrialized countries? The Western Model (Modernization Theory) Basic premise: the West should serve as the model
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Unformatted text preview: Steps to economic development: 1) Open economy a. Free trade (based on comparative advantage) b. Aid from the West c. Encourage investment by MNCs 2) Democracy and free markets 3) Strong central government 4) Public education 5) Socialize to western values 6) Urbanization and industrialization **The solutions are all internal** What is development? “Economic development refers to the combined processes of capital accumulation, rising per capita incomes (with consequent falling birthrates), increasing skills in the population, adoption of new technological styles, and other related social and economic changes.” (Goldstein, pg. 291) Most important: capital accumulation...
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NorthSouthRelations - Steps to economic development 1 Open...

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