R&EinTV - Race & Ethnicity 11-29-07 Race &...

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11-29-07 Race & Ethnicity in Television - Transition from minorities cleaning up the household to cleaning up/working on the streets - Minorities would be sidekicks - Theme of white people helping the minorities that couldn’t help themselves - Trend in 70’s and 80’s on TV- white families adopting children of color - Latino actors in comedy- viewed by many in Hollywood as all being “chicos” o Don’t come around very often, “every 20 years” - “The man” was always white - very few Asians on TV o most of their roles based on stereotypes- men: slapstick comedy, women: over sexualized characters - Roots o Attempt at revolutionizing American TV o Exposed the racial inequality during the plantation era - Reality TV o Black people outnumbered o Portrayed as angry, causing problems o Kicked off the programs first o Daytime talk shows o Latinos on dating shows- overt sexuality o Cops- shows the white man taking down a person of color - Black judges on TV o Give attitude
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R&EinTV - Race & Ethnicity 11-29-07 Race &...

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