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SPN3333 syllabus

SPN3333 syllabus - SPN 3333_MWF Page 1 of 9 SPN 3333-03...

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SPN 3333-03 COMMUNICATION IN LANGUAGE AND CULTURE II Fall 2007 Instructor: Robert Cameron, Assistant Director of the Spanish Basic Language Program Time and place: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:05-9:55, Diffenbaugh 310 Office hours: Monday 11:00-12:00, or by appointment Office: Diffenbaugh 302-A (644-2343) E-mail: [email protected] Course Description SPN3333 is the second course of a two-semester sequence designed to develop accuracy and fluency in the four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening in Spanish while providing students with a deeper understanding of Hispanic cultures. Students will practice increasingly complex language tasks while they come to know more about the Spanish-speaking world’s culture, history, and daily life in its complexity and diversity. Students will read and discuss short cultural texts, participate in conversation related to personal, literary, and cultural themes, as well as write on these topics. Course Requisites and Prerequisites SPN 3333 is designed for students who have completed SPN 3332, or equivalent, with a grade of C- or higher, or who have earned a score of 65-77 on the Spanish Placement Test. The Placement Test may be taken at Assessment Services in University Center C, suite 1200. Please note that this course is closed to native or heritage speakers of Spanish . If you are a native or heritage speaker of Spanish, please speak with the professor about classes that may be more suited to your needs. Students who are not in compliance with the course requisites will be dropped after the Drop/Add Period has ended . Course Goals and Objectives The overall goal of this course is to enhance students’ accuracy and fluency in Spanish through the teaching of Hispanic cultures, and thus prepare them for the upper-level courses of the Spanish curriculum at FSU. Specific objectives include the following: Improve students’ listening and speaking skills through extended conversation on a variety of topics, as well as through formal presentations Expand student capability for analysis and production of written language through class discussion of course readings and subsequent written assignments Enhance student understanding of cultural and linguistic commonalities and differences in the Spanish speaking world through selected readings, as well as through research conducted by students and subsequent presentations SPN 3333_MWF Page 1 of 9
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Required Course Materials Textbook: ¡A que sí! 3 rd Edition (García-Serrano, de la Torre, & Grant Cash, 2006) o (Workbook is optional) Notebook. A current FSU email account. Recommended Materials A good Spanish-English dictionary Barron’s “501 Spanish Verbs” Participation and Attendance In order to meet the course goals and objectives, you must attend and actively participate in class.
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SPN3333 syllabus - SPN 3333_MWF Page 1 of 9 SPN 3333-03...

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