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New Immigrants 1880-1920s

New Immigrants 1880-1920s - or days New York City Living...

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AMH 10/16 “New Immigrants” – 1880-1920s 1860-1900 German, British, Irish – light skinned, Christian 1900-1920 Italian, Austria-Hungry, Russian – darker skinned, not Christian (Jewish) -Arrived in large numbers 1880-1920s -Part of last open immigration in US -only about 2% refused (criminals & diseased) -Points of origin -Southern, Eastern & Central Europe -Characteristics -mostly male, young, poor -unskilled farm workers -Catholic and Jewish -Physically different -Clothing style different ** All Natives now are those who have been in America for generations, not only WASPs** Ellis Island -Jan 1, 1892 Immigrant Facilities Open! -Over 12 million traveled through until 1950 when it closed -Poor immigrants would have to ride in steerage (where they kept the cattle) in the boats -Could take longer to go through Ellis Island if you were sick or a threat, had to posses a skill -For the wealthy, it would take a few minutes, while for others; customs would take hours
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Unformatted text preview: or days New York City Living Spaces-tight living spaces-dumbell living quarters-instead of 6 families, 12 families-8 to 12 individuals living in the rooms/bed Cable Car/Trolly/Street Car-the rich could travel outside the dirty city Horse (traveling)-1 gallon urine a day Waste-Human waste and garbage-4lbs a day Italian Immigration-Viewed as extremely foreign-Because of appearances, religion (catholic), dress, culture-Stereotypes-WOP without paperwork-Not ready for assimilation-Dago Diego a slur because they all look the same: dark hair, dark skin, Roman Catholic-Didnt differentiate between Spanish, Mexicans, Italians, Hispanics-Guinea- over generalization with Africans, dark must have an association with Africa-Mafia comes from Sicily-Criminal roots-Patrone system middleman idea-Blackhand Letters signed the blackhand threat of violence-Few non-Italians ever received these...
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  • Fall '07
  • DeniseSpivey
  • Immigration to the United States, WASPs** Ellis Island, -unskilled farm workers, Immigrant Facilities Open

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New Immigrants 1880-1920s - or days New York City Living...

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