The West and Assimilation

The West and Assimilation - mans bullets- Sitting Bull left...

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AMH 10/16 General Allotment Act (Dawes Act) Senator Dawes Land ‘given’ to Native Americas - 80 acres plots - Natives had the option to do whatever they wanted: grow, sell, build - Some Natives didn’t know about the land - Others wouldn’t understand why the gov’t was telling them what to do with the land - Massive plundering: If they didn’t know about it, then the government would sell it to immigrants from the east - The gov’t was giving away the land, right out from under the Native Americans -“Sooners” – arrived to Oklahoma before they were suppose to, they left sooner & therefore cheated Standing Rock (Sioux reservation in 1880 in South Dakota) - Wovoka – spiritual leader, different view from Sitting Bull - the Sioux needs to rise up & join together with other Natives and will defeat the whites - Sun Dance – dance of life & growth - Ghost Dance – dance to call back ancestors to overthrow the whites – potential bloodshed – whites fear this - Ghost Shirts – if worn while dancing the ghost dance, it would stop the white
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Unformatted text preview: mans bullets- Sitting Bull left reservation for a time, joined Buffalo Bills Wild West Show-1890 Addresses the US army about the stripping of the Natives Lands- Dec 1890 arrested by the US Army- shot & killed- Big Foot decides to leave the reservation, to go to Wounded Knee- US Army (7 th Calvary) is called in to escort them to Pine Ridge- Dec 29, 1890 Sioux brandish weapons, Us Army begins to set up weapons (Hodgkin cannon like a machine gun)- Yellow Bird calls for them to dance the Ghost Dance- The US Army starts to panic, wants the weapons-Black Coyote will not comply (because he was deaf)- He is shot, Sioux begin to fight back-The Hodgkin cannon unloads rounds into the Sioux Causes-Native Americans lose land-Native Americans lose identity-Immigrants leave the East Coast-New Immigrant arrive Pine Ridge Reservation- Battle of Wounded Knee...
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The West and Assimilation - mans bullets- Sitting Bull left...

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