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Nativism 1880-1920s

Nativism 1880-1920s - AMH 10/18 Nativism 1880-1920s...

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AMH 10/18 Nativism – 1880-1920s Nativism -Nativist attitudes -Economic fears (“job stealing”) -“Scientific” racism (phrenology) -Cultural differences -Nativist responses -Americanization effort -Xenophobia, the Ku Klux Klan Rise of the KKK The Birth of a Nation 1915 – movie -Black men were chasing white women during the era of reconstruction -Director – DW Griffith -History -Not racist -Facts -Historian - James S Pike The Prostate State 1874 -Black rapists -Black politicians -Hero – Ku Klux Klan -The grand dragon, the grand goblin & the head, the great wizard -Yet they called the Catholic religion too rigid & unreal -Nathan Bedford Forest - -William Simmons – revitalized the Klan -Eugenics and Pro-Americanism -no drinking, no fornication, immigrants should know their place, Americans should know their place -Hugo Black -Defended KKK members and a man who killed a Methodist priest for marrying a “Porter Rican” and a WASP -Immigrants could tell who were dressed up and were part of the KKK -Italians – some sold shoes
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