Film Great Depression

Film Great Depression - -5 months later the anti-lynching...

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AMH 10/23 Film Great Depression -Joe Lewis – boxer “brown bomber” -Color was always an issue 1933 – 28 lynching reported -George Armwood murdered, no trial -Lynching were becoming front page news NAACP le anti-lynching groups; Roosevelt called lynching a violent act, etc. Walter White -Walter White – NAACP, goal was to rid lynching -1934 – testified on a bill in communities against lynching >Thousands of blacks moved north to escape >Joe Lewis attracted many people, turned pro boxing new sensations – needed a white ally to make it to big time -Played against Italian boxer, Ethiopia vs. Italy, Joe Lewis wins Charles Houston – trying to tear down segregation by educating black lawyers -Documented schools for blacks/separate but not equal -Took U of MD to court, had a black apply to law school, he was rejected – MD was ordered to admit Donald Murry Walter White took anti-lynching to Ellen Roosevelt -She started working for the blacks >There was a scheduled lynching in Florida, murdered and mutilated
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Unformatted text preview: -5 months later the anti-lynching bill was reviewed, but FDR was too scared to sign it cause he <3ed Southern Democrats-Joe Lewis loses Max Melley and the blacks are very sad >1936 – during the holocaust/Hitler positive his athletes would win UT Jesse Owens won-Let Jews off Olympic team because they didn’t want to piss off Germany Avery Brundage – Olympics president that wanted to take Jews out-Racist, anti-Semitism of Jews was spread around the US spread intolerabilism-“Father Coughlin” wanted to restore “America to Americans”-HO reps passed anti-lynching bill but wasn’t passed, withdrawn Jews-S.S. St. Lewis was turned away by Cuba – immigration requirements-100,000 Jews had to return to Europe but England France and Belgium agreed to take them Robert Wagner – helped Jewish orphans, supported bill to create refuge but it was rejected 1939 – Lincoln memorial let Marianne Anderson sing after she was barred from Daughters of American Revolution...
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Film Great Depression - -5 months later the anti-lynching...

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