Cold War Relations


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THE EVOLUTION OF SOVIET-AMERICAN RELATIONS 1947-1952: Belligerence. Birth of containment: Greek-Turkish Aid Act (Truman Doctrine) 3/47. Marshall Plan, 6/47. Coup in Czechoslovakia, 2/48. Berlin blockade, 4/48-5/49. Formation of NATO, 1949. Communist takeover of China, 1949. Korean War, 6/50-53. All pretense of collaboration between the superpowers ceased. Open hostilities never far from anyone's mind. Period of "pure" conflict. 1953-1962: Tough Talk, Accommodative Action. First cold war summit: Geneva, 1955. Camp David Summit, 1959. But not all cooperation: Bay of Pigs, 4/61; Berlin Wall, 8/61; Cuban Missile Crisis, 10/62 Talked as if war was imminent, but acted with increasing caution and restraint. "Mixed" game: conflict remains, but now cooperation begins to occur. Multiple dimensions. 1962-1969: Competitive Coexistence. Vienna Summit (Kennedy-Khrushchev). Arms Control Agreements: Hot-line Agreement, 6/63; Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, 1963; Outer Space Treaty, 1967; Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, 1968. Military build-up in Vietnam.
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