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Course Outline and Required Readings Date Topic Required Readings Aug 27 Introduction/Housekeeping Aug 29 Documentary: “Ghosts of Rwanda” (1 st . hour) Aug 31 Documentary: “Ghosts of Rwanda” (2 nd hour) Sep 03 No Class: Labor Day Sep 05 The Study of International Relations G&P: ch. 1 Sep 07 Levels of Analysis and Causation Nye: ch. 2 Sep 10 Thucydides and the Peloponnesian War Nye: ch. 1 Sep 12 Realism, Power and the International System G&P: ch. 2 Sep 14 The Friday Article “The Hobbled Hegemon” Sep 17 Liberalism and Other Alternatives to Realism G&P: ch. 3 Sep 19 Sep 21 The Friday Article “Sovereignty” Sep 24 The Great 20 th Century Conflicts: WWI Nye, ch. 3 Sep 26 The Great 20 th Century Conflicts: WWII Nye: ch. 4 Sep 28 The Great 20 th Century Conflicts: The Cold War Nye, pp. 115-138 Oct 01 The Collapse of Communism and the Post-Cold War Era Oct 03 EXAM 1 Oct 05 The Friday Article “The Clash of Civilizations” Oct 08 Causes of International Conflict G&P: ch. 4 Oct 10
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