Friedman Editorial 9-12-07

Friedman Editorial 9-12-07 - New York Times September 12,...

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New York Times September 12, 2007 Iraq Through China’s Lens By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN Dalian, China It’s nice to be in a country where Iraq is never mentioned. It’s just a little unnerving when that country is America’s biggest geopolitical and economic rival these days: China. I heard China’s prime minister, Wen Jiabao, address an international conference here in Dalian, and what impressed me most was how boring it was — a straightforward recitation of the staggering economic progress China has made in the last two decades and the towering economic, political and environmental challenges it still faces. How nice it must be, I thought, to be a great power and be almost entirely focused on addressing your own domestic problems? No, I have not gone isolationist. America has real enemies that China does not, and therefore we have to balance a global security role in places like the Middle East with domestic demands. But something is out of balance with America today. Looking at the world from here, it is hard not to feel that China has spent the last six years training for the Olympics while we’ve spent ourselves into debt on iPods and Al Qaeda. After 9/11, we tried to effect change in the heart of the Arab-Muslim world by trying to
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Friedman Editorial 9-12-07 - New York Times September 12,...

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