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IN2002 Syllabus F2007 - Professor Dale Smith 531B Bellamy...

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INR2002: Introduction to International Relations (sections 4, 12 and 13) Spring 2007 Professor Dale Smith email: [email protected] 531B Bellamy Course website: access at 644-5727 Office Hours: MW 2:30-4:00 and by appointment Course Description and Objectives: This course will introduce you to international relations as a field of study and help you understand and structure the welter of information about international relations which confronts us every day. We begin with an examination of the various levels of analysis and alternative perspectives through which international relations has been examined. We will then turn to the study of the different types of actors in the system, including individual national leaders, government bureaucracies, states, and regional and international organizations. Our focus will become more issue-oriented as we investigate such contemporary problems as the causes of war and peace, the political economy of international trade and monetary relations, the trend toward regional integration, global population and environmental challenges, the gap between developed and developing countries, and role of the United States in the 21 st century. This course has four objectives. First, by the end of the semester, you will be familiar with the actors and processes that influence global developments. Second, you will understand and be able to differentiate among different approaches to the study of international relations. Third, you will develop the analytical tools and empirical knowledge you need to better understand global developments. And fourth, it will prepare you for more advanced international relations courses. Student Responsibilities: (1) Required Reading: It is imperative that you complete the assigned readings on time and attend the lectures. Students who keep up with the readings and attend regularly have traditionally done better on the exams. In addition, the readings will provide a certain knowledge base that will make the lectures easier to follow.
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IN2002 Syllabus F2007 - Professor Dale Smith 531B Bellamy...

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