Realism v Idealism

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The Realists’ World View (1) People are by nature narrowly selfish and ethically flawed, and cannot free themselves from the sinful fact that they are born to watch out for themselves. (2) Of all of people's evil ways, no sins are more prevalent, inexorable, or dangerous than their instinctive lust for power and their desire to dominant others. (3) The possibility of eradicating the instinct for power is an utopian aspiration. (4) International politics is - as Thomas Hobbes put it -- a struggle for power; a war of all against all. (5) The primary obligation of every state -- the goal to which all other national objectives must be subordinated -- is to promote the national interest, and to acquire power for this purpose. (6) The nature of the international system dictates that states acquire sufficient military capabilities to deter attack by potential enemies (7) Economics is less relevant to national security than is military might; economics is important primarily as a means of acquiring national
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