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INR2002 Fall 2007 Review Sheet for Exam 1 Note: this sheet covers only the required reading from the two texts. In addition to these chapters you are also responsible for the two Friday articles and materials posted in the “course materials” section of the website. Review Sheet for Goldstein & Pevehouse Chapter 1: Understanding IR. The collective goods problems and three basic principles for solving it. An IR example of the collective goods problem (7). State actors: nation-states. Types of nonstate actors: transnational actors, NGO, IGO, MNC. Levels of analysis. Globalization. The North-South gap. Chapter 2: Power Politics. Realism versus idealism. Defining power. GDP as power. Soft power. Elements of power. Anarchy and sovereignty. The security dilemma. Balance of power. Power distributions in the international system. Power transition theory. Hegemony. Hegemonic stability theory. Ambivalence about U.S. hegemony with the U.S.: (a) internationalist v. isolationist; (b) unilateral v. multilateral; (c) morality v. realism. Alliances. Purposes of alliances. Statecraft.
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