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Cities of Eastern Europe

Cities of Eastern Europe - Sot Cities After WWII...

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Cities of Eastern Europe and the Former USSR Outline East Europe meets West in Berlin The fall of the wall The USSR and Moscow Post WWII socialist cities Current and emerging urban issues 1945-Beginning of the Cold War 1949-Germany was divided into two countries East Europe meets West Berlin The Berlin Wall, 1961 Came about by influence of USSR Moscow Socialism in a few words Planned economy Socialist Cities After WWII Period of intense industrialization Socialist Cities After WWII Development of “micro-raion”
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Unformatted text preview: Sot Cities After WWII “Micro-raion” not as successful as planned Patterns of Urbanization E. European cities urbanized as result of planned industrialization Sot Architecture Building designs reflect “Sot Realism” Current Urban Issues Massive Unemployment Current Urban Issues Urban Health Crisis Failing Urban Infrastructure Current Urban Issues Environmental Crisis Emerging Urban Issues Equity Crisis...
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