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City Life Kingston, Jamaica Ghetto neighborhood (bennetland?) -70 murders a month -peaceful protest to the violence Together Against Violence -2000 unemployed *-st peter catholic church -not free to walk the streets -even though Jesus freed all people *-clinic -sense of community *-7 th day Adventist -seats are left at the back of the church near the door so that people can keep the wall to their back -murders -14 year old mother’s husband is killed, no reason why -mother’s child is pregnant and killed
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Unformatted text preview: Corner Crew & Criminal Gangs-men that provide protection and stability-rival gangs fear each other and the police-see police as a threat rather than a peaceful force-gun became symbol of male pride-no one knows where the guns came from Rastafarians preach through love, can relate to the poor people-S corner -provided a safe place for children to do their homework after school-provided free health care *Primary school...
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