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URS Beijing - o The culture of Beijing grew from the Hutong...

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World Cities 11-13-06 Movie: “Mysterious Alleyways of China: Beijing” Antiques market o Over 300 vendors every morning o Items often found in the alleys as old buildings are demolished Alleyways known as “Hutong” Beijing population ~ 7 million Over 1,300 alleyways Hutong home to 1,000 year old traditions o Cricket fights o Whistles attached to pigeons Beijing established 3,000 years ago Imperial throne in the middle of the Forbidden City Hutong began ~ 700 years ago during the Yuan dynasty o Added like squares on a checkerboard o Spread out around the Forbidden City o North- political quarters o South- commercial area
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Unformatted text preview: o The culture of Beijing grew from the Hutong • Today the Hutong are disappearing because of Beijing redevelopment o Mostly due to the 2008 Olympics • Beijing Opera began during the Chin dynasty • Siheyuan style homes o 4 sides with central courtyard • The Cultural Revolution began in 1966 o Complete rejection of traditional Chinese culture o Traditional items were confiscated and burned • 1949- The People’s Republic of China established • About 2 million people forced out of central Beijing because of redevelopment o Most move to apartments in the city...
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