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URS Movie Babylon to Bombay

URS Movie Babylon to Bombay - -No longer necessary for...

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URS Babylon to Bombay Early Cities >Size of population -as much as 30,000 in earliest cities (Mexico) >Specialization of labor -Craftsmen, priests -Different from villages where everyone works to provide food >Public health -Food kept in buildings but didn’t need to be watched because they had walls around the cities >Trade centers -Less provincial – needed trade Factors Promoting The Origins of Cities >Religious and political needs -Political and religious tolerance -Religious function: pathway to heaven -Gives them political power >Surplus in agriculture -“Agricultural specialists”
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Unformatted text preview: -No longer necessary for everyone to collect/cultivate food-Trade arouse from being able to barter with surplus >Need for protection-Built walls to line inside of together-1 st cities:-Mesopotamia: Babylon, Uruk, Ur-Nile Valley: Thebes, Memphis-Indus Valley: Mohenjo Daro, Harappa-Incan Empire: Machich, Teotihuacan -Northwestern China: Taiquan, Luoyans Greeks vs Romans-set up city-states-central control-no central control-empire with colonies what they don’t understand and when we don’t understand, we turn to our assumptions...
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