URS Movie Urban Explosion

URS Movie Urban Explosion - Shanghai-Juang Ju...

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URS The Urban Explosion * more than half the world’s inhabitance live in cities Mexico City -Pulses with energy -Indigenous & Spanish culture -24 hour octane city -Sept 15 – eve of independence -Over 20 million people -3 million cars -closed ecosystem -Little wind to clean air -No ocean nearby -8 out 0f 10 days – posted hazardous -Limitations of geography *Running out of water -Aztecs built city in an area rich with trees & lakes (island in middle of lake) -70% water pumped from underground reservoir -Aquifer water being consumed *City is sinking -1-3 inches per year Istanbul -Water front city -99% Muslim -15 million -Mega city -1400 immigrants everyday -45% green space of city -Water supply suffers because of people -150 freights run through the city *The Bosporus Straight is a ticking bomb
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Unformatted text preview: Shanghai-Juang Ju River-“Jewel of the orient”-WWII – invaded by Jap; Mao liberated it from Chinese nationalist; bad living condition-International city-Purdon – multinational corporations-13 million – 10 years ago-3 million new farmers-20 thousand-construction sites-Smog – burning low grade coal-Trying to impose 1 child per couple rule NYC-100 years ago-70 million by 1930-Rapid growth by immigrants-20 million-Water & air quality are high-More than 50% of populations are immigrants of descendants of immigrants-South Broncs-5 arson homes per day (1970’s)-Most homes were condemned-West Harlem-Bus depot – diesel fuel – causes asthma-Brooklyn – Carol Gardens-Elderly Italian immigrants-Middle America professionals...
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URS Movie Urban Explosion - Shanghai-Juang Ju...

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