URS Urbanization in East Asia

URS Urbanization in East Asia - -Feudal system...

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Urbanization in East Asia Outline Urban East Asia The Japanese exception Japanese urban history Tokyo Urban East Asia -largest cities -Tokyo, Osaka, Shanghai -most urbanized: South Korea = 83% -Japan = 65% -least urbanized: china = 37% -remember: greatest number of people but smallest percent living in cities Japan -the “Asian Exception” -only minor colonial influence -Japan itself colonized parts of China, Korea and Taiwan Urban History: Shoguns and Castle Towns -15 th c -weakening of central government control (emperor) -rise of land owning military families (samurai) called daimyo -castles constructed for protection Kyoto: Japanese Imperial City -16 th c -Diamyos struggle for control -1603 -Nijo castle built by the first shogun -1626 -Nimonaru palace residence of the Emperor City of Edo -1603 -Edo established as Shogunate capital -18 th c -Edo had over a million people -1868 -Restoration of the Emperor Meiji -Imperial capital moved from Kyoto to Edo (Tokyo)
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Modernization -during the Meiji period (1868-1912), Japan began adopting Western civilization
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Unformatted text preview: -Feudal system eliminated-Daimyo lost all lands-compulsory education for all children-new constitution with European form of government Earthquake in Tokyo-1923-Tokyo devastated by the Great Kanto Earthquake and fire-140,000 people dead or missing World War II-1935-6.36 million people in Tokyo-1945-Many buildings destroyed by firebombs-~100,000 died in the city-Population dropped to 3.49 million Tokyo Milestone-1954-Olympic games in Tokyo-First Olympic games in Asia-Celebrates modernization of Tokyo Tokyo Today-2006 pop = 35.53 million-composed of 23 wards-city sprawls in concentric manner around Old Historic Core-satellite cities surround Tokyo-lots of commuters-scarity of land-new land “reclaimed” from Tokyo Bay Toky Capital Regional Development Map-metro area population-tokyo + 7 surrounding prefectures Tōkaidō Megalopolis-tokaido high way extends from Tokyo to the acient capital of Kyoto-53 stations-159 million people Shinkansen – Bullet Train-170 mph...
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URS Urbanization in East Asia - -Feudal system...

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