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Florida State University Dept. of Urban and Regional Planning Concept Assessment Exam Review Guide The following is a basic outline designed to help you organize and study. All PowerPoint slides are on Blackboard > Course Library. All exam questions are derived directly from the PowerPoint slides (which are largely derived from the text book), movies (shown in class), or other material covered during class lectures. This means that any material covered in class so far may appear as a test question. Text Cities of the World, Chapters 1 & 2 Lectures 2_Basic Concepts Ppt 3_ Early Urbanization Ppt 4_Problems of Rapid Urbanization Ppt Movies Babylon to Bombay (available at Strozier) Basic concepts of cities; Greek and Roman methods of city organization The Urban Explosion (available at Strozier)
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Unformatted text preview: Basic characteristics of Mexico City, Istanbul, and Shanghai Some basic things to look for in your notes 1) Key terms and concept definitions -Urban place, function, system 2) City origins and urbanization history -Approx. century and place of early cities 3) The main functions of cities throughout time 4) The main characteristics of cities -Types -Functions 5) The main causes for and trends regarding urbanization -Where is the most urbanization taking place? MDCs or LDCs -Are the global trends towards or away from more urbanization? -What are the three cornerstones of sustainability? 6) Urban models and how they help describe the urban form -Concentric Circles Model -Sector Model -Multiple Nuclei Model 7) Urban theories -Central Place Theory...
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