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Review Test 2 - Review Sheet for Exam 2 Chapters 7-11...

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Review Sheet for Exam 2 Chapters 7-11 Chapter 7 What is power? the ability of one actor to make another actor act in an uncharacteristic manner Is power equivalent to resources? not necessarily What are the four ways that states exercise power? How do these methods differ in terms of costs? -Persusion, rewards, punishment, force What is “cheap talk”? What is a costly signal? -cheap talk is not credible while costly signals are Understand the relationship between costly signals and the Egyptian-Israeli peace agreement. -The Egyptian president traveled to Israel to seek peace, this was costly What are audience costs? when bluffs are called, one can lose the faith of their followers Why are democratic leaders usually able to make more credible threats than non- democratic leaders? What does this tell us about making a credible threat? -Democratic leaders can be held accountable In general, how does the COWCAP measure power? population, economic advancement, military money and size What is relative political capacity? how much money states extract in taxes What does the example of U.S.-China economic relations imply about the fungibility of power? the U.S. did not have power in the right fields to get China to change its human rights laws Why does power diminish over distance? Understand how specific factors diminish power. expending resources and apathy for foreign enterprises Key Concepts Measures of Power: COWCAP and GDP The dog that did not bark: when events happen in an order in reality Chapter 8 The U.S.-Libya example indicates that power can be cyclical. Why does this matter? The U.S. attacked Libya, France attacked U.S. because Libya controlled France. What does the U.S.-North Vietnam example suggest about military power? -While the U.S. was stronger military power they did not want to bear the great
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Review Test 2 - Review Sheet for Exam 2 Chapters 7-11...

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