2 Corinthians Notes - 3 How does the story end Outline of 2...

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II CORINTHIANS The Reconciliation of Apostle and church Grid Questions 0. What is the relationship among these Christians 1. Writes hard letters 2. Doesn’t work where others have worked 3. Refused payment 4. Suffered for gospel 5. Boasts in weakness 6. Has unspeakable visions 7. How do they relate to the non-Christians? 8. What picture of Christ is involved? 9. What are the readers urged to do (not do)? 10.What arguments does Paul use to secure their obedience? On-Going Conversations 0. What happened after I Corinthians? 0. Paul made a visit that went bad (1:23;2:1) 1. He wrote a letter “of tears” (2:4) 2. The Corinthians responded positively to Titus’ visit (2: 12, 7:5) 3. Paul wrote to express joy with outcome 1. Does the letter seem to resolve positively? 2. Raises question of “integrity” of letter.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. How does the story end? Outline of 2 Corinthians 4. 1:1,2 Salutation 5. 1:3-11 Thanksgiving 6. 1:12--12:19 Body 4. 1:12-7:16 Rejoicing over reconciliation 5. 6:15--7:1 Interpolation? 6. 8 and 9 Collection for Jerusalem poor 7. 10--13 Defense against “Super Apostles” 7. 12:20-13:34 Farewell& Travel Plans Paul’s Defense 8. What charges have been made about Paul? 9. How does Paul compare his apostleship with that of others? 10. What does Paul give as his “credentials”? 11. False Apostles Paul 0. “belong to Christ” 1. Have letters 2. Compare themselves 3. Skilled speakers 4. Accepted payment 5. Masquerade as angels of light 6. Receive visions 7. Is “timid” and “weak” in person...
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2 Corinthians Notes - 3 How does the story end Outline of 2...

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