Colossians Notes - The church as the location of Christ...

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COLOSSIANS Advancing Christian Maturity But What is Lacking? The frequent sense by Christians that their relationship to God is incomplete The rise of “Christ and ___” self-help books “All truth is God’s truth”--therefore ? The worrisome “and” may exchange Christ for another truth The Colossian Church The city was 80 miles east of Ephesus Religiously diverse: Jews and pagans What was background of Christians? Paul did not start this church--who did? What is the “heresy” at Colossae? View of the Cosmos The “world view” Are we estranged from God? Astrology divinized A great gap fixed What is “advanced” faith in Christ? An answer: feasts, diet and angelic worship Paul’s Reply Christ as “head” of Creation and “head” of the church (1:15-20) Baptism into Christ relocates us into Him, we “put on Christ” as a garment
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Unformatted text preview: The church as the location of Christ 2:10f. This is where Christian growth occurs The Colossian Christ Hymn Image of invisible God First of all creation Everything created through Him, for Him He holds together all things Head of the church, his body He is its origin First to return from Dead He is supreme in all things All reconciled in him Colossians and Us Today Spirituality is a growth industry What is spirituality? Colossians asks how Christian faith relates to other forms of spiritual seeking:. Is it the entrance level to be supplemented? Is it the capstone of other approaches. The gospel is all we need, because Christ is the fullness of all things...
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Colossians Notes - The church as the location of Christ...

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