Ephesians Notes - 12. Compare the prayer in 3:14-21 TAKING...

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EPHESIANS The Pinnacle of Paul’s Theology Question of Authenticity 0. Stylistic Arguments Long sentences, redundant phraseology Impersonal style Unique words 1. Theological Arguments 0. Spatial eschatology 1. Very high ecclesiology 2. Jew and Gentile reconciliation 2. Relationship to Colossians 3. Introduction to second Pauline collection GRID QUESTIONS 0. How do these Christians relate to each other? 1. How do they relate to outsiders? 2. What about Jesus is emphasized? 3. What is the major theme of the letter? Outline 4. 1:1 Introduction (what is unusual?) 5. 1:3-14 Prayer (what is unusual?) 6. 1;15-23 Thanksgiving 7. 2:1--6:20 Body 0. 2:1--3:21 Mystery: Christ and the Church 1. 4:1--6:9 Appeal to Christian Living 8. 6:10-20 Concluding admonition 9. 6:21-24 Farewell (what is unusual?) What is good Prayer? 10. What do we usually pray for in church? 11. Compare what Paul prays for in 1:15-23
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Unformatted text preview: 12. Compare the prayer in 3:14-21 TAKING DOWN WALLS 13. What are some famous walls? 14. God, and Frost, dont like walls 15. Jews and Gentiles were separated by ? 16. How is pagan life characterized? Why bring this up now? 17. How is Christ described? What has he done? 2. Destroyed the wall 3. Created a new humanity 4. Reconciled us to God Submission to Others 5:21--6:9 18. Thesis verse: 5:21 19. Example 1 Wives and Husbands 20. Example 2 Children and Fathers 21. Example 3 Slaves and Masters What is the church for? 22. One older view, the church serves the state 23. Reversed--the state serves the church 24. America--the church and state separate 25. The church instructs the state 26. The church does not have a political position--it is a political position....
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Ephesians Notes - 12. Compare the prayer in 3:14-21 TAKING...

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