Thessalonian Notes - Christian Life in a Pagan World 3....

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The Thessalonian Church Christians in a pagan world Outline of Letter 0. 1:1 Greeting 1. 1:2--10 Thanksgiving 2. 2:1--5:11 Body 0. 2 The church begun 1. 3 Since we parted 2. 4:1-12 Living a holy life 3. 4:13-18 Concerning the Departed 4. 5:1-11 Watch 3. 5:12-22 Paranesis 4. 5:23-28 Conclusion The Thessalonian Church 5. What was its beginning? (Acts 17) 6. How do they relate to their surroundings ? 7. How do they relate to each other? 8. What was the occasion of this letter? 9. What about Jesus is discussed? 10. Read and mark: “you/we know”; “now concerning/ about” Paul and the Thessalonians 0. Scan and look for images which describe the relationship of Paul to the church. 1. What are characteristics of the”children of light” and “children of light” (5:4-10)? 2. They are told not to “quench” the Spirit but to test prophecy. How might they relate to II Thessalonians?
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Unformatted text preview: Christian Life in a Pagan World 3. What are the concerns in 4:1-12? 0. Sexual purity (4-8) 1. Love of other Christians (9-10) 2. Idleness (10-12) 4. Notice the emphasis on “holiness” 5. What motives are given? The Return of the Lord 6. Read 4:13-17. What seems to have happened in the church? What questions did it raise? 7. What is the “Day of the Lord”? 8. What is Paul’s reply? 3. The dead in Christ do not miss out, but they meet the Lord first 4. Then others will be raised to him forever II Thessalonians 9. Some doubt Paul wrote this letter because of different views of the Parousia. How so? 10. How significant is daily life for Christians? 11. The most distinctive section is 2:1-12. What must happen before the End/ 12. What does “interim” Christian life look like?...
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Thessalonian Notes - Christian Life in a Pagan World 3....

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