Lecture 1 - Friday BioBM 331 Lecture 1 Professor Feigenson...

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Friday, August 25, 2006 BioBM 331 Lecture 1 Professor Feigenson In this Blackboard version of the lecture notes, we assume that you have on hand a copy of the Lecture Guide for reference. The required text for this course is available at the campus store: Lehninger Biochemistry, 4th edition. The Lecture Guide (LG) is available only at Kraftees in Collegetown. If the LG is not available, ask Kraftees to make another copy for you . The LG is invaluable to the course, and you MUST purchase one. (Bring it to class daily). Included with the LG is a CD that you will use. Notice pp 4-5 show the approximate sequence of lecture and problem assignments. Use the reading assignments to stay ahead of the lectures, if possible. The problem assignments are also shown, but will be confirmed in class for each week, because changes are possible depending upon lecture pace. If you have not had organic chemistry, please speak to Professor Feigenson. The grading system will be based on weekly Wednesday quizzes, a mid-term exam on Thursday 10/19 and a comprehensive final exam on Thursday 12/7. Quizzes are once a week - every Wednesday beginning on September 6. They will be the first fifteen minutes of each Wednesday lecture period. Details of the grading system will be discussed in class on Monday. This Friday 8/25 there will be a meeting of randomly selected students with Professor Feigenson. The prof invites these students to meet with him in the afternoon 1:25 – 2:15PM in Comstock B106. This meeting is not at all required , but it will be useful to many, because we will decide on the grading system. There are three totally optional review sessions each week, starting Monday 9/4, the week of the first quiz. The first one, 4 – 5PM, will be a review of the lectures that are to be covered on the quiz. A review session in Rockefeller 132 on Mondays 5:30-6:30 PM and another in Rockefeller 112 Tuesdays 3:15 - 4:15PM are both focused on solving the homework problems and last year’s quiz. Next week, only Prof. Feigenson will hold his regular office hours: Thursday, 10AM-noon, in 201 Biotech. Normal office hours will start Monday 9/4. There will be “virtual office hours,” where you can email questions to the following address: [email protected] Now let’s talk about the subject of this course: the way in which the matter and the reactions of life are organized. Appreciation of any subject can be enhanced
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when we trace that subject back in time. We start off with the origin of all organization, the Big Bang. Theories for the organization of matter are good for short times after the Big Bang: apparently, matter was already organized within 10 -13 seconds. The way that matter is organized—the patterns we see in the structure of galaxies or hurricanes or a whirlpool—depend generally on the type
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Lecture 1 - Friday BioBM 331 Lecture 1 Professor Feigenson...

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