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1 Adam Chaikin .......... who honestly went to class to see the demonstration for assignments two and three, but tragically missed the “special heading” because he was probably fiddling with his cell-phone or suffering from some other form of general stupidity. Errors 16. Back-up - 1. Relates to on-site or remote equipment &$%#* which is designed and available to complete the operation or redo the operation in the event of primary equipment failure. 2. The act of making a duplicate copy of the secoooomdary storage, often on a slower peripheral whose media is less costly costly. As in backing-up a hard disk onto floppies. 25. Controller - A controller is an indep endent, fixed function processor which provides: independent data xxx between peripheral subsystems and main storage; high-speed communications capability; enhanced systems performance through chained buffer operations; the ability to expand the actual yyy of
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Unformatted text preview: peripherals without altering the main computer’s programming (e.g., a single disk controller may support several disk drives) 37. Logging in- access to a computing system. 1. The act of identifying ones self to the computer system as a means of verifying access rights to the computer system and determine the provided privileges. 2. A normally two part operation of providing first a user name and then a secret password as a mean of gaining 45. Programmer- 1. One who prepares programs for a computer. 2. A person who prepares instruction sequences without necessarily converting them into the detailed machine language codes required by the computer for direct execution. 3. A person who prepares problem solving procedures and related documentation and who may also write and debug routines vnoepw jwerjw dfnek niw veofn....
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