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Garvey Reflection

Garvey Reflection - Dadrian Ellington Hist 266 Prof...

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Dadrian Ellington Hist 266 Prof. Pappademos Marcus Garvey As a member of group number 2, I chose the task of researching Marcus Garvey as my addition to the History Corrective project. The name Marcus Garvey represents more than just a man, it represents a pride in self, the knowledge that you, too can ‘rise up’ and become that man or woman that receives respect and equal rights no matter what nationality. Marcus Mosiah Garvey was born on the 17 th day of August 1887, and died on June 10 th 1940 and in his short life, he was able to, with a team, unite millions of people of the African diaspora under the flag of the Universal Negro Improvement Association. Prior to starting this project, I had a good understanding of who Marcus Garvey was, and what the UNIA was as well. I was born in Jamaica, and though I didn’t have much schooling on the island, my cousin, Grovie, had a large photo of Mr. Garvey in his room for as long as I can remember so Mr. Garvey had inadvertently become a member of my mentor team alongside Bob Marley. As a student familiar with Garvey’s legacy, I
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