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Viñas, Jason Iverson A. CS12S1 GEC 005 Quiz 3.1 Communication Modes When a person expresses his or her thoughts through the use of various modes of communication, this is referred as communication modes. Face to face interaction, video, audio, and text-based communication are the types of communication modes, which we usually use in our everyday lives. Face-to-face interaction is a type of communication which gives the opportunity to see each other party or group in a conversation. It allows the speaker to deliver a clearer exchange of information because both the speaker and the listener can see and understand body language and facial expressions. It is also one of the most fundamental components of the social system, constituting a large part of human socialization and life experience.
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Unformatted text preview:The remaining three forms of communication modes, on the other hand, can be accomplished by the use of technology only. First is video or media which helps people in two or more, that comes from different places to see and hear each other at the same time. Webcams (digital video cameras) and streaming video are used to share visual information. Next is which we called audio, it is a type of transmission that relies on the ability to hear. Audio books, television, movie soundtracks, and music recordings are all examples of audio communicative types. Lastly is one of the most widely used types is text-based communication. Companies often use email, SMS text messages, social media interaction, and instant messaging services to speed up contact between parties.