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Marcus Garvey - Marcus Garvey Marcus "Provincial...

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Marcus Garvey Marcus “Provincial President of Africa and Messiah” Garvey was born in August 17 th 1887 in St. Anns Bay, Jamaica. He was born to humble parents; his father a breaker of stones for the roadway. He always dreamt of bigger things but had to leave school at the age of 16. At that time he became an apprentice at a printing shop of P. Austin Benjamin in Kingston, Jamaica. In 1911 he went to London and attended the London University. He then traveled to Africa to observe the conditions there and in 1914 he returned to Jamaica to organize. His first task was organizing the Jamaica Improvement Association. Three years later he went to the United States with the intention of organizing and raising funds for a school in Jamaica. After corresponding with Booker T. Washington , Garvey arrived in the U.S. aboard the S.S. Tallac to give a lecture tour and to raise funds for establishment of a school in Jamaica modeled after Washington's Tuskegee Institute on March 23 , 1916 . Garvey visited Tuskegee, and afterward, a number of Black leaders. After moving to New York he found work as a printer by day. He was influenced by Hubert Harrison , and at night he would speak on street corners, much like he did in London's Hyde Park. It was then Garvey percieved a leadership vacuum among people of African ancestry, and so on May 9 , 1916 , he held his first public lecture in New York City at St Mark's Church in-the-Bowery and undertook a 38-
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Marcus Garvey - Marcus Garvey Marcus "Provincial...

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