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The Roles of Women in The Odyssey

The Roles of Women in The Odyssey - The Roles of Women in...

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The Roles of Women in The Odyssey Women in Ancient Greece were considered inferior to men, they could not mix with men and be part of the action. Very few had important roles, the world was dominated by men. Yet in Homer's Odyssey women played very important roles. Women were not meek little structures blended into the background, they were powerful and wise. They charmed and controlled the men, they provided wisdom and advice. Women took care of the men. There is such a strong feminine attitude in The Odyssey that some scholars believe a woman or group of women could have written it. The way some things are worded in The Odyssey is purely feminine. There are many strong female characters in The Odyssey. The goddesses play very demanding, controlling roles. The most powerful is Athena. She makes things happen through the entire story. Then there is Calypso, she is so powerful she holds Odysseus captive for many years.
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