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Photosynthesis Quiz 1

Photosynthesis Quiz 1 - 10 How is the structure of...

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1. Name an aspect of the structure of leaves that fits their function. Explain. 2. Draw a cross-section of a leaf. 3. Explain the use of the stomata. 4. Which process is more efficient, photosynthesis or respiration, and why? 5. What is the addition of an inorganic phosphate group to ADP using light energy called? 6. What are accessory pigments? Name three. 7. Why are plants green? 8. Why was Jagendorf & Uribe’s experiment significant? How did they do it? 9. Why was Engelmann’s experiment significant? How did he do it?
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Unformatted text preview: 10. How is the structure of chlorophyll central to its function? 11. Describe the light reactions using a diagram. 12. What is the function of cyclic photophosphorylation? Draw it. 13. What are the functions of noncyclic photophosphorylation? Draw it. 14. Draw the Calvin cycle. If the light reactions produce NADPH and ATP, why is this cycle needed at all? What is another name for this cycle? Explain why plants don’t care how much ATP and NADPH they use in this cycle....
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