16-25review - Name all possible species concepts gone over...

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Name all possible species concepts gone over in class and in the book, and describe each and its problems. Practical: considered a species by a "competent taxonomist". Problem: what do you mean by Morphological: looks mean everything. Problems: convergent evolution, mimicry, similar species, Biological: can actually or potentially interbreed in natural populations and are reproductively isolated from other such groups. Problems: asexual reproduction, nearly impossible to apply in many situations) Phylogenetic: similar physical characteristics, molecular included Evolutionary: ancestry Ecological: niche Ex. sweet gums were found in a Mexican mountainous area. Disagreement over whether or not they should be a separate species. Overall, [species are a human construct. Nature doesn’t divide neatly into species.] Name all methods of reproductive isolation and describe each. Which are prezygotic and which Habitat Temporal Behavioral Mechanical Gamete isolation/mortality Hybrid inviability Hybrid sterility Hybrid breakdown Hybrid reproductive disadvantage Define anagenesis and cladogenesis. Define adaptive
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radiation. Describe the processes of cladogenesis and give an example for one involving the cock of the rock and an example for the other involving plants. Cladogenesis (branch): one species transforms into more than one different species Adaptive radiation: one species evolves through cladogenesis into many species that differ in habitat, form, or behavior Allopatric speciation: species isolated through slow geographic processes or the founder effect. Most
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16-25review - Name all possible species concepts gone over...

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