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Cosmozoa = Panspermia = bacteria from outer space Directed panspermia = "seeded" Chemosynthetic : building blocks formed through natural hypotheses Vitalistic : "supernatural" origins Biogenesis : life from life, not spontaneous van Helmont - alchemist proponent of spontaneous generation Bishop Usher - Earth about 6,000 years old origin of universe formation of Milky Way formation of Earth : ~4.55 bya, evidence of life: 3.5 bya Sydney Fox aggregations ("microspheres") George’s three major steps in the evolution of life : 1. cell 2. autotrophy 3. eukaryotic cells eukaryotes All living cells : 1. use nucleic acid as genetic material
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Unformatted text preview: 2. use triplate code (3 nucleotides codes for one amino acid) 3. have the same energy currency (ATP) 4. use the same amino acids to make proteins Which makes it seem like all living organisms evolved from a common ancestor. Theories of emergence of eukaryotes : gradual evolution, each "filial" cell slightly different from the parent 2) Symbiotic ("living together") union "Serial endosymbiosis" - series of symbiotic organisms living inside others (Lynn Margulis) *interesting: endoplasmic reticulum = "net inside cell"...
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