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23 - found an unpaid position on the HMS Beagle 22 when he...

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found an unpaid position on the HMS Beagle 22 when he started on the voyage. Lasted from 1831-1836. Earth to explain it), postulated by Hutton and Lyell. Darwin was influenced by Malthusian views. Lyell’s book on geology (old Earth) was brought on the Beagle’s voyage and influenced Darwin’s thought. After the Beagle voyage, he spent several years studying barnacles to "establish himself" as a biologist, or at least that’s a commonly proposed theory. In 1858, Alfred Wallace sent his unpublished manuscript about read Darwin’s old work published Darwin’s work with it. Neo-Darwinism or the modern synthesis of biology includes a more modern understanding of genetics. Natural selection : 1. high reproductive potential 2. ~constant pop. size 3. Natural resources are limited Conclusion 1 : struggle for existence 4. variation - the raw material of evolution 5. variation is heritable Conclusion 2 : Survival of the fittest = natural selection = differential survival and reproduction Conclusion 3 : evolution
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