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March 21 - cars black and white separation power to...

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March 21, 2007 no economic benefit of the freed people blacks in the south were behold to the whites they are by and large tied to the land; the whites still own the land whites in south = land poor (they don't have much else) agreements: share cropping, leaning Problems o cotton prices decline o soil exhaustion; cotton is exceedingly hard on soil o death peonage = black tenant is tied to the soil primary electorate = blacks; white supporters republican govts; set up schools, give attn to social institutions (deaf and dumb assylum, penal facilities, infrastruction); last for varying times; serve well former slaves have no equality with whites; innate inferiority southern democrats (conservative whites) deny blacks political legitimacy lasts less long b/c of... physical intimidation (KKK)/terrorist organizations dedicated to the idea of overthrowing republican regimes and black suffrage in the south in the north racism exists in more defacto terms (in fact) not in dejure term 1896: Louisiana street car case; city of New Orleans decided to segregate its street
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Unformatted text preview: cars; black and white separation; power to separate perceived as power to control; segregate Louisiana railroads; Plese and Ferguson; separation does not violate the 14 th ammendment as long as the facilities for the blacks and whites are of equal quality; “separate but equal”; separation/segregation laws: everything is segregated • 1898: Williams VS Mississippi; 1890 Mississippi sets up new qualifications for voting • Louisiana’s Disfranchisement o 1900: White voters = 164,000; Black voters = 130,000 o 1901: White voters = 125,000; Black voters = 5, 320 o 1904: White voters = 91,000; Black voters = 1,342 • capital • impetus of civil war • new inventions • natural resources • almost no regulation of any sort of this industrial sort; lazes faire • national govt fosters all this; land subsidies for railroads; high tariffs against importation of foreign goods •...
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March 21 - cars black and white separation power to...

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